How to Calculate Battery Capacity for Trolling Motor?

One of the essential equipment for fishing in lakes or maybe casual boating is a trolling motor. It has become necessary equipment for fishing. A trolling engine has an electric motor, a controller and a propeller, and is fixed either at the bow or stern of a boat and has a gasoline-powered outboard for trolling.trolling boat battery

The most important factor about a trolling motor is its battery, which includes the type of cell, it’s charging, and the maintenance. The life of the array of the trolling engine is a significant factor as it will determine how long can you survive in the water body with your boat using the motor. Therefore it is essential to calculate the capacity of the battery of your trolling motor. Ampere-hour rating is a crucial factor. The larger the score, the longer it will power your battery to operate at a particular speed. Another critical factor is the ampere draw of the motor. To know the battery capacity of your engine, you need to know check marine battery guides and following the below factors as well.

  • Amps-hour rating :- It is the measure of the amount of charge the battery can hold. Different motors draw different amounts of current depending on the size and the speed of rotation of the engines, so, the ampere-hour rating varies for various automobiles.
  • Amps draws of the motor :-  It is the measure of the ampere drawn by the engine per watts from the battery provided the speed is constant. In this case, even the quality of the motor is a factor as it determines the ampere drawn by the engine.
    Now having these two pieces of information, all you need is to divide the Ampere-hour rating by the motor amperage draw, and you will get to know the estimated battery life of the battery of your trolling motor.
    For example, if the watts provided in your battery description is 672 watts and your battery has an ampere-hour rating of 52 AH, then you will calculate the battery life in the following manner.
    First, divide the watts drawn by the voltage of the battery. Let’s assume it to be 12 volts. So amperage draw will be 56.
    Now divide the ampere-hour by this value, and it comes out to be approximately 0.92 hours, which is the estimated battery life of your motor.

Two other important factors that determine the battery life of a trolling motor are the skill of using the engine and also the weather. Using the motor at an average power of 40 amps continually, the ordinary battery life is reduced by almost 15%. If it is used at a lesser strength, then it provides a more excellent experience.
Weather plays a vital role, the rough the weather with higher wind speed and air viscosity, the tighter will it be for the motor to perform. It will require more power to overcome the resistance. Thus, heavy weather will also reduce battery life.
Having known the ways to calculate the battery capacity for your trolling motor, calculate before investing, and also remember to get a battery with the ability that fits your requirement.